Marieke Davis

Phoenix area native Marieke Davis, a “visually impaired visual artist” with hemi-anopsia, is a 2017 ASU summa cum laude graduate with a BFA in Art/Drawing, and minors in English Literature, Women’s & Gender Studies, and Creative Writing.  She is the creator of the graphic series, Ember Black, in print and audio, and the recipient of the Audience Choice Award at the First Annual Herberger IDEA Showcase, First Place at the Phoenix Sister Cities International Competition for Artists with Disabilities, a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and a VSA Emerging Young Artist Award (sponsored by the Kennedy Center) for her semi-autobiographical strip, “Life is Blurry,” currently appearing on her Facebook page (@lifeisblurry) and as a feature in LivAbility Magazine.  


“An Extended Hand”

Medium: Prisma Color Colored Pencils

Size: 24 1/2” X 29 1/2”

Created 2014

This artwork is not for sale.

All inclusion begins with a hand extended over the sometimes raging
seas of life--whether it is extended in friendship, to render
assistance, or to defy racism, sexism, bullying, or any kind of
ostracism. As a visually impaired visual artist, I have experienced
both exclusion and inclusion--the exclusion inflicted upon me by
school bullies as I completed chemotherapy for recurrent brain tumors,
and the warmth of inclusion by the many friends, family, and teachers
who see me not as a disabled artist, but as an artist."